Our services

Working closely with SMSF Trustees and/or their Professional Advisers, we take the pain out of administering SMSFs and offer peace of mind that all regulatory best practice is being met.

  • Fund Administration – The nitty-gritty paperwork is our speciality. We prepare it and forward it to you / or your client for completion and signing.
  • End Of Year Financials – Financial Statements are prepared and ready for sign-off, auditing and lodgement with the ATO.
  • Fund Audit – We work closely with our panel of SMSF Auditors to ensure that the Audit is completed and any matters that need rectification are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Centrelink/DVA – Preparation of Centrelink/DVA Schedules as required
  • Up to Date Compliance – Legislative requirements can and do change. At ASM we monitor these and ensure they are applied in a timely manner.
  • Liaison with Professional Advisers – All work completed for an SMSF is done in conjunction with the Funds professional advisers.
  • Estate Planning – ASM is able to work with Trustees and their Professional Advisers to ensure that all Estate Planning requirements are being fully met from an administrative perspective.


SMSF Compliance and document services

We maintain all of your SMSF Compliance and document needs from SMSF establishment, to retirement, and beyond.

SMSF Accounting and Administration

We take care of your bookkeeping, accounting, SMSF financial statements, member statements, auditing, and tax lodgement. We provide information and reports throughout the year and tailor our service to your requirements. We also offer free access to a specialist SMSF Accountant, as you need, throughout the year.

Financials Advisers

Australian Super Manager (ASM) aims to make your job as an SMSF Adviser as painless as possible. This starts with a dedicated SMSF Manager who knows your business, the information you need, and how this information is to be received.  At ASM, we don’t just provide financials and document services to our Advisers — we pride ourselves on giving you, as an Adviser, as much support and information you need to ensure you can appropriately advise your client.

This includes access to a portal that gives you meaningful information on fund balances, investment strategy compared with actual investments, contributions, and pension balances. We also want you to speak with your dedicated SMSF Manager for any technical support you need to deliver your advice — a service offered at no additional charge.

It’s your choice: we can deal with the trustee directly if you wish. Wherein you wish to ensure that you are the key relationship, we offer support via an annual review with you and the trustee, to present and explain the financials and tax position of the fund.


ASM takes pride in accommodating varying business needs — we offer options to Accountants looking to join our service. You may be an Accountant looking to reduce your involvement in the SMSF and prefer ASM to have a direct relationship with the Trustee.

Using this option, we complete the administration, accounting, and compliance for the fund; and deal directly with the Trustee. Wherein the Trustees have other business relationships with you, we ensure that you are fully informed with regards to the SMSF and that you maintain the “lead Accountant” role. Alternatively, our direct-to-Accountant option is available. You have the flexibility to decide if we use your system or ours to attend to the bookkeeping, accounting and taxation requirements of the SMSF — we have no direct contact with the Trustee and you remain the Accountant and Tax Agent for the SMSF.